Fireworks Displays

Fireworks displays add so much to any event, from weddings to concerts and festivals, we’ve done it all. We create a bespoke fireworks displays to music, to match any budget, using the latest in computerised firing systems to ensure it all goes off perfectly.

We even have a big red button to start the fireworks display!

In Ireland there’s some very strict laws on who can use fireworks, all our display designers are certified by City & Guilds and the British Pyrotechnists Association as Persons of Specialist Knowledge, this means that we have access to the biggest and the best fireworks available. Everything about fireworks requires a specialist, to ensure the safety of everyone involved. We have the specialist transport, storage and handling knowledge required to execute every display in total safety.

For each fireworks display, we import the fireworks specifically for that event, under license from Department of Justice and Equality before this license is granted, we must get permission for the display from the local Fire Brigade and GardaĆ­.

Wedding couple with fireworks
Wedding fireworks

Wedding couple with fireworks
Wedding Fireworks