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Applying special fx snow to a car

Why choose Pyrotechnics & Effects?

When shooting a film, TV series or commercial, finding the correct partners is vital. You need to find a crew who share your vision, are flexible and always deliver


Our crew have many years working in Ireland so we know the legal landscape and how to get things done


Pyrotechnics and Effects Ltd. Maintain one of the largest stocks of special effects equipment in Ireland


Our crews are professional, knowledgeable and all have a great attitude


If we don’t already have the piece of equipment you need, or if you need a custom effect, we can build it

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Here’s some of the things we can do

We have an extensive stock of special effect equipment and consumables along with the skills to use them, here’s some examples of what we can do for your project

Water tank, manifold and hoses


In Ireland, it rains, a lot! However sometimes nature needs a hand, we have all the kit you need to make it rain. From a depressindrizle to a monsoon, we have the skills to make it look as realistic as you need it to


Wind machine and operator


Indoors or outdoors we have wind machines big and small, a gentle breeze, a hurricane or even a tornado are no problem to us


White van buried in snow


Snow comes in two main forms, as a set dressing or falling from the sky, we have the largest dressing machine available and we always keep a good stock of snow, all year round!


Haze on a film set

Smoke, Haze and Atmos

With modern cameras, the quality of the air in a shot can be seen, so we have all the machines you need to set the scene, from a smoke filled nightclub in the 1980’s to victorian smokey chimneys – we can help


Flame generators at an awards show


Fireplaces, car fires, camp fires, dustbin fire, barbeques, heat shimmers. We can make all kinds of fire, using gas, liquid or paste fuels.


Door rigged with pyrotechnics

Explosions & Pyrotechnics

There’s many different ways to create an explosion – explosives, propane or compressed air, we have all the machines and all the experience to explode in safety


A selection of our previous work

Below you’ll find some videos from Features, TV Series and commercials that we’ve worked on